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Vlassenroot is a leading supplier of critical steel components and finds it origin in the supply of bended half shells to the lifting industry. From there Vlassenroot has grown to supply fully welded booms, chassis and turntables. With their growth, they have extended their competences, from offering cutting and bending to also include welding, machining, assembly and painting. They offer these competences to a wider range of industries. Their core business therefore became the production of advanced steel components made of specialty steel and produced according to the highest quality standards.

Vlassenroot is a vertically integrated company with facilities in Belgium, Germany and Poland where experience and know-how is supported by innovation and technology to deliver solutions for unique customers with exciting challenges.

Task and solution

In 2010 the company was looking for an MES solution for their belgium factory. The company decided to work with 4each to build one system capable of covering all requirements in one system:
Shop floor data collection
Tracking & Tracing 
Inventory management
Tool & resource management
Material & production logistics
In-production inspection
Incoming goods inspection 

Using our solution has, in a short period of time, resulted in higher transparency in production and therefore improved productivity.

Benefits of shop floor data collection:
Complete transparency of the production processes
Less effort and fewer errors due to paperless production
Improving ontime deliveries and preventing express transports
Shorter throughput times due to the reduction of idle times
General improvement in the quality of the data
Full traceability from raw material to finished product


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